FAQ (Frequently-asked Questions)

Can I just come, not pay and not eat?
We're sorry, but as is typical for hospitality venues, the food cost is factored into our cost to use the facility. The food at all three events is self-serve, so you are welcome to eat or not as you desire, but we do need payment for our non-sponsored classmates and guests.

Do I need to register beforehand?

Definitely! Our reunion events are capacity-controlled with commitments to the conference center, so we do need for you to register for you and your guests.  

What if I need to change my registration?
Addition of events, guests, or contributions can be made through the Registration link. For change of dates or refunds, please contact Beth Hendricks Davis at bethtaft74@gmail.com

What is the registration deadline?
We are attempting to keep registration open as long as allowed by Spooky Nook, but we do need time to print your name tag, etc., so please register as soon as possible.

Can I bring my spouse, partner, or significant other?

What should I wear?
Casual Friday and Sunday. Dressy casual for Saturday evening.

Can I donate without registering to come?
Yes, just fill in the donated amount on the Registration page. You can also donate separately as a separate payment later as well if you're already registered and are able to contribute more later on.

Is there accessibility?
Yes, although our events are on the third floor there is elevator and ramp access.

Can i get my money back if I can't come?
Probably, especially if it is prior to the registration cutoff. We will always ask if you can instead donate all or part of your registration to our fund that supports teachers and sponsored classmates. Contact Beth Hendricks Davis bethtaft74@gmail.com